Is this system for you?



I honestly believe that this is the best roulette strategy money can buy. Period. But I also know that people can have unrealistic expectations. And I don't want disappointed buyers. I don't want to make money naive players. Ι want to share my technique only with people who know what and why they are purchasing and would appreciate it. This why I created this page, trying to discourage potential buyers from buying my strategy.

First of all please understand that:
  • This is not a "get rich quick" scheme
  • This is not a very simple system, it requires some studying and getting familiar with it 
  • It is best suited for the European wheel.
  • Needs a minimum bankroll of 800 units (chips) - better more.
  • I can not guarantee your success 
  • I do not offer refunds. 
  • This is a copyrighted work with a non-disclosure agreement

This is serious, thoughtful and ingenious roulette strategy created by true roulette players and successfully applied to real roulette tables in brick and mortar casinos. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a source of knowledge and innovative ideas. This is MY success system and it has worked for me consistently over many years. Want to learn how I play? Want to study all the aspects of my strategy? Be my guest. You have unrealistic expectations of getting rich overnight and making roulette your bitch? Then sorry, but this system is not for you. I don't want your money.

If in doubt, don't buy my strategy. As simple as that. I can even offer you a few good reasons to NOT buy my strategy:

Do not buy the Kavouras roulette strategy if...

You are looking for a way to get rich quickly

This is not it. Period. Look elsewhere. Bye bye!

You want 100% certainty of winning money

Whoever tells you that there is 100% certainty of winning in a random game is bull-shitting you. There can not be 100% certainty in any endeavor of your life. This is a successful roulette strategy for me and have made me money. But I can not guarantee profits for you. For many reasons. Including:
  • I can not make sure you have full understanding of the strategy
  • I can not make sure you correctly apply all the rules with complete discipline
  • I can not make sure you play on a fair European roulette
  • I can not make sure you have adequate bankroll
  • I can not make sure you play a fair game
  • I can not make sure you are not the unluckiest person on planet earth. In 100 persons who play a great system, it is perfectly possible according to probability, that say 90 of them are making a profit and 10 of them are losing money by playing the same system

    You may need a refund later.

    We do not offer refunds. You buy on good faith and we offer our strategy on good faith. If you change your mind, think the strategy is garbage or are in anyway disappointed, you should think about it BEFORE making a purchase. You must understand that it is extremely difficult for us to offer a refund after you have read the whole strategy. It is like issuing a refund for air-tickets after flying to your destination.

    Other reasons to NOT by the Kavouras bet strategy

    • If you do not have access to European roulette.
    • If you do not have the adequate bankroll
    • If you don't want to spend time studying and understanding the system
    • If you want to "get rich quick"
    • If you don't want to evaluate the previous spins before starting an attack
    • If you don't want to record the spins and take notes while betting.

    Even the fact that I created this "Don't buy it" page should tell you that I don't want to make a quick buck out of you and that I honestly offer a legit roulette system that can really help you.

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