The complete Kavouras bet roulette strategy

At last! The complete Kavouras roulette strategy is now available for purchase. This is big news!

In 2010 we wrote the first article where I revealed the totally original bet selection of my secret Kavouras strategy. It took the roulette world by surprise and soon became one of the most visited pages on the web. Serious roulette players realized very soon that this approach is very different than anything else out there. Clearly the result of great roulette experience, knowledge and creative thinking.

Seven long years and many inquiries after the initial article, I am ready to present the complete original Kavouras Bet roulette strategy to the public for the first time. This is big news!

If my own results, for years of play and many thousands of spins, are any indication, then this strategy is going to change your roulette life forever! Available on the special price of €170 for a limited time (normal price €300).
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