What is the Kavouras bet system?

It is my personal roulette strategy and the best roulette system I have ever met. Since I posted the original description of the Kavouras bet selection in 2010, people are actively asking me the full details of the system for years now, yet I wasn't selling anything. Now, 7 years later, I have actually found the time to write it down and I make it available for purchase to those deeply interested.

The price is €300, but for a limited time I offer it for €170. If there is enough interest, after the first 10-15 sales I plan to use the original price. I would like to keep the system rare and exclusive. You can pay with Paypal or message me for IBAN bank transfer inside the European Union. Then you will receive access to a secured micro-site describing the system in full.

Is it a winning roulette strategy?

I have played this strategy for years in casinos all over Europe and it has been proved a winning roulette strategy for me. That's why I think it is worth sharing. However "winning roulette strategy" is a very vague term, meaning different things to different people.

Is Kavouras Bet 100% guaranteed to win?

No. None can guarantee winnings 100%. This is simply impossible. Whoever promises you this, is lying to you. Not even the casino, which has the advantage, is 100% sure to win in a limited number of spins. There is no possibility of profit without risk. Much more so in the random game of roulette. You should understand this, whether you purchase the system or not.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No. There is not. No marketing tricks. The purchase in not refundable.

Why would I be interested?

  • To find out the full strategy that I developed around the famous Kavouras bet.
  • To expand your horizons by learning a new approach to roulette and maybe apply some of the ideas to your own strategies.
  • Because it is a true work of passion, different from any other strategy out there and an enjoyable read.
  • Because this is the best performing system I know, tried and tested in real casinos for years. 
  • Because from my vast experience with roulette systems, I can tell you this is the best! The only system you'll ever need.

Are there any requirements in using the system?

You are free to apply the system however you like. Tough the effectiveness of the strategy can be seriously affected by certain factors. It is advised that you:
  1. Play on single zero European (or French) roulette
  2. Play a fair game.
  3. Do your homework: study and practice the system before betting real money.
  4. Have the patience to wait for the right betting conditions (trigger)
  5. Have adequate playing bankroll. 800 units/chips is the absolute minimum "lifetime bankroll". The ideal bankroll is 1600 units.
  6. Play only with money you can afford to lose
€170 limited time offer

Can the system be used in online casinos?

The system can be used in online casinos as long as the game is fair.

Why are you selling the Kavouras strategy?

For similar reasons a writer publishes a book:
  • To share my thoughts with the players who really want to learn it.
  • To possibly get that "this is a great system, thanks" gratification.
  • Out of vanity.
  • To make some money.

Hey the Kavouras Bet selection is great and it's free. Why should I spend money just to learn the money management part?

You should not. Feel free to experiment with the original Kavouras bet selection and come up with your own strategy and money management. I'm not trying to sell you the system; I'm just making it available for purchase to those interested. And by the way, there is a bit more in the full version than just the money management. Along with the money management strategy, it includes a better explanation of the bet selection, practical advice, examples and explicit betting conditions.

Have you tested the system with a program using millions of spins? How does it perform?

No. Not with a program. Not with millions of spins. Millions spins tests can produce quite different results than short term real playing sessions. And I'm more interested in the later. I have "tested" it on physical European roulette wheels. In total I have played well over 20.000 actual spins with great results.  

Who are you? Can I trust you?

I'm a roulette player and a roulette thinker. I enjoy both playing and studying the game and have many years of experience in various casinos across Europe. I try to be honest. I do not make exaggerated claims and I don't promise you to get rich quick. I maintain roulette30 since 2010, providing quality information, roulette systems and discussion about roulette completely free. Roulette 30 is a work of life and my contribution to the roulette community.

No system works.

If you think so, it is fine by me. Please do not buy my system. I won't try to convince you otherwise.

You sell this to make money out of innocent roulette players?

I'm not trying to sell anything to anyone. I just decided to finally make it available for purchase to those really interested - those who are willing to show their appreciation with money.In the pages of this site I actually give you more reasons to NOT buy my strategy than to buy it. This is intentional. I want to keep people expectations low, so everyone is happily surprised.

Most systems for sale are a scam. Yours?

Yes, unfortunately most roulette systems for sale are worthless. They are made-to-be-sold by system sellers who have never actually used their own methods. They are sellers not players themselves. They try to deceive with false promises, outrageous claims, guaranties and fake testimonials. They promise you will make $300, $3,000 or $30,000 per week...

The Kavouras strategy, on the other hand, is the best strategy I know and believe me, I know many. I have actually used my system with success in real casinos for years. And I don't make no crazy claims, no promises, no guaranties, no marketing tricks, no nothing. I don't bullshit you to take your money.

People are actively asking me the full details of the system for years now, yet I wasn't selling it. If I just wanted to make a fast buck, I would have been selling systems all this time instead of providing free information and free systems at Roulette 30. I would never put my and my site's credibility and status at risk.

€170 limited time offer

Why publish it? Why not keep it to yourself?

For similar reasons a writer publishes a book.
To share my thoughts with the players who really want to learn it.
To possibly get that "this is a great system, thanks" gratification.
Out of vanity.
To make some money.

But by making public a successful strategy everyone will use it and casinos will notice and this will ruin it for you and everyone else.

Far from it. Admit it or not very few of us have the determination and the discipline to fully pursue a specific strategy, let alone become professional roulette players. I'm quite confident that only a few will purchase my strategy and even fewer will use it seriously. We are addicted to searching for the Perfect System. We just feed our curiosity and move on. To the next system. To the next promising idea. Searching is fun. Finding the Perfect System will actually stop our fun. Sounds like a paradox, but it's true. My strategy is safe and so are the casinos.

Did you become a millionaire by applying the system?

No. Because frankly I have better things to do with my life. If you knew what it takes to pursue the lifestyle of a professional roulette player, you'd realize it is not fun!

I'm above all a player, not a profit making machine. I never saw roulette as an ATM. Other aspects of the game are more important to me. I like to test and experiment with new ideas and enjoy the thrill of the game. The intellectual challenge of developing a new system and the adrenaline rush of taking risks are more appealing to me than a payday on the tables.

Anything else you want to add?

I really believe that I'm offering you the best roulette system money can buy. Though play only with money you can afford to lose. Play under the best conditions possible. I do not guarantee your success and I'm not responsible for any losses that may occur to you.
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limited time offer €170
The only system you'll ever need.

Life is short. Play. With the Kavouras bet.